Will Ospreay Fires Warning To Major WWE Star

will ospreay pose

Will Ospreay has at least one big WWE name in mind as a potential opponent if he happens to work there.

One of the biggest pro wrestling stories in early 2024 will be the free agency status of top NJPW star, the former IWGP World Champion and current IWGP UK Champion Will Ospreay.

The talented Ospreay has been called by many people to be the most talented pro wrestler anywhere in the world. Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer has rated more Will Ospreay matches at five stars and above than any other wrestler ever. It’s all personal preference, but keep in mind that Ospreay is 30 years old and most wrestlers get better in their 30s as they get more experience.

It has been mentioned many times by Ospreay that his contract with New Japan Pro Wrestling expires in February 2024. That means he’ll be able to choose where he signs on for his next contract.

This past weekend at IMPACT Wrestling’s Bound for Glory PPV in Chicago, Ospreay had a fantastic match as he defeated Mike Bailey. Ospreay also wrestled former IMPACT World Champion Josh Alexander on Sunday in a match that will air on television soon.

Fans of AEW have also seen Ospreay wrestle there plenty of times over the years including big wins this year over Kenny Omega at Forbidden Door and Chris Jericho at All In in London, England, which is Ospreay’s home country.

Will Ospreay has Seth Rollins on his mind if he goes to WWE

In an interview with Metro, Ospreay made it clear that he’s willing to move with his family to the United States to sign with WWE, AEW or any other company. Ospreay spoke about being considered by some people to be the best and he’s honored by it.

“Someone like Adam [‘Edge’] Copeland or Bryan Danielson comes in [to AEW], and suddenly I’m tagged in everyone’s damn tweets being like, ‘The dream match is with Ospreay.’ It’s a pat on the back for me and I’m eternally grateful for it.”

As he continued, WIll Ospreay mentioned a recent comment by WWE World Heavyweight Champion Seth “Freakin” Rollins claiming to be the best in the world, which is something that Ospreay clearly disputes.

“But now it’s time for me to really gauge and see what’s out there. So the Seth thing does intrigue me quite a lot. I heard him say in a promo, his 100% is the best in the world.

“My 50% is the best in the world, so if you actually got me at 100% I think you’d drown in these waters mate.”

For now, that Ospreay-Rollins showdown is just a “dream match” but if Ospreay were to sign with WWE, it could certainly be a reality.