Scott D’Amore Attempted To Purchase TNA Wrestling

Scott D'Amore TNA

A new report has claimed Scott D’Amore tried to purchase TNA Wrestling.

On February 7th it was announced that Scott D’Amore had been fired from his post as President of IMPACT Wrestling. The veteran had been credited with helping turn the company around, but parent company Anthem Entertainment decided change was needed.

D’Amore was replaced by Anthony Cicione who has been with Anthem for 16 years. However, things were nearly very different.

According to a new report from Mike Johnson of PWInsider, D’Amore actually made a bid to purchase TNA from Anthem. Despite the now the former President having backing from a major financial institution his offer was rebuffed.

The report added that the change at the top of TNA had been in the works for several weeks and D’Amore learned around 10 days ago that he would be replaced.

Talent Surprised By Scott D’Amore Exit

Meanwhile, talent was said to be “extremely angry” at Scott D’Amore’s departure. There were also suggestions that disagreements at the top of TNA helped spark the change, with Anthem reluctant to increase spending despite the company’s recent success.