Saraya’s Brother On How She “Kayfabed The Family”

Saraya AEW

According to Saraya’s brother, the Knight family was left in the dark about how big her moment inside Wembley Stadium would be.

At AEW All In, Saraya got her first taste of gold in All Elite Wrestling when she was crowned the new AEW Women’s Champion. Prior to the match, Norwich native was accompanied to the ring by members of her family, who also celebrated with her in the ring after her big win.

Speaking on a recent episode of Busted Open Radio, the star’s brother Zak Zodiac opened up about the big night, singing his sister’s praises while claiming that Saraya didn’t fill her family in on the fact that she was going to win the championship.

“Absolutely. I want to let the world know, Saraya’s actually writing her book. When she found out that this was happening, she kayfabed the family. Trust me, we didn’t have a single clue. She loves to work us. But she [told] Tony, look, you don’t even know, but you’ve actually just given me the ending to my book.

“Saraya started on top, and you’re constantly then chasing that feeling, that moment. How am I gonna recreate what she got at the very beginning of her career with WWE. Day one, winning the Divas Championship, being the current NXT Champion, all this at not even 20 years old, and she was the first. Saraya Two Belts, let’s not forget that.”

“We Knew Something Special Was Happening” – Zak Zodiac On Supporting Saraya At AEW All In

Continuing, Zak Zodiac spoke about the incredible energy inside Wembley Stadium ahead of All In, praising Tony Khan for taking a chance on putting on the record-breaking show.

“But honestly, we turned up yesterday, me, Saraya, and RKJ, we all turned up at 11 a.m. as soon as you walk into that stadium, it had a different energy, a different feel to any event that I’ve done in my 20-year career. I had goosebumps all day. The energy was just electric. We knew that something special was happening.

“As that stadium started to fill and more people are taking their seats, there’s 80,000 people there, goodness gracious. The U.K. has been calling out for this for a long time. They supported that event last night. The market here is huge. They just want people to come here. This really is an untapped market, it has been for a very long time, and I’m so glad that Tony Khan had the balls to say, ‘I’m booking Wembley Stadium. All In’s gonna be our annual event, our big show.”

Zodiac also opened up about the struggles his sister Saraya has faced, praising her for overcoming so much and winning gold in front of the largest crowd in wrestling history.

“To see my sister go in there, make history and have that full-circle moment to be crowned world champion again after everything that she’s had to do, it’s not just a career-ending injury. Let’s not forget about the tapes that were leaked that gave her a mindset of, she can’t carry on. The mental health, the drug addiction, the alcohol addiction, she’s had to fight for the last few years, just to find herself. That’s about her professional career.

“Then to go out there, win the championship at Wembley Stadium in London, England, with all the Knight family there, I’m getting goosebumps, guys. That will never be duplicated. Well, until I do it, maybe next year, right? [laughs].”

Saraya recently opened up about how special it was to share the spotlight with her family inside Wembley Stadium.

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