Saraya Calls For Fans To Help Find Lost Wrestling Gear

saraya aew womens title ruby soho

Saraya has posted a message about how she lost some of her wrestling gear and she wants fans to help her find it.

When a wrestler travels, sometimes they lose things and they are obviously very important items to them, so it’s not a surprise when the AEW Women’s Champion Saraya took to social media to ask for help finding her lost items.

In this case, Saraya also provided an email address for anybody who might find these lost items.

“Heads up to the public. All my wrestling gear has recently gone missing, including some items that I owned for ten years and had sentimental value. Jackets, my return gear, Wembley gear, Outcast gear, the whole lot. Luckily, I have two jackets left, but I would love for you guys to keep an eye out on the internet and auction sites because someone may wind up selling stuff eventually. If you hear anything, please contact with a subject line of “Saraya Gear.” AEW Tickets and an autograph to anyone that leads to the recovery of these items. Thank you.”

Saraya also posted two more tweets/X’s about the gear she lost and she is looking for.

Saraya defeated former ally Toni Storm at AEW Dynamite Grand Slam

It was just about one year ago when Saraya debuted in AEW at the 2022 edition of the Dynamite Grand Slam episode. One year later, she defeated Toni Storm at this year’s Dynamite Grand Slam episode to retain the AEW Women’s Championship with an assist from Ruby Soho. The trio of Saraya, Storm & Soho were part of a group known as The Outcasts, but Storm has broken free from the group to do her own thing.

As for the future, Saraya has made it known that she wants to wrestle former WWE superstar Emma aka Tenille Dashwood. The two women have a long history together going back to their WWE NXT days about a decade ago.