Sammy Guevara Turns On Chris Jericho At Grand Slam

chris jericho sammy guevara

Chris Jericho is now all alone in All Elite Wrestling.

From day one in AEW, Chris Jericho and Sammy Guevara have stood side-by-side. The two men were founder members of the Inner Circle on the first edition of Dynamite back in 2019. When that group came crashing to an end, Guevara eventually made the switch to The Jericho Appreciation Society where he once again provided backup to the first-ever AEW World Champion.

The majority of that group, including Jericho’s other long-standing ally Jake Hager, eventually walked away from The Ocho due to the uncertainty over his relationship with the conniving Don Callis but again Guevara stood by Jericho.

The two men teased going after the AEW Tag Team Championship but recognised they had some tension that needed to be released and so agreed to face each other at Dynamite Grand Slam to get things out of their system.

Chris Jericho deceived again

In New York City, the two men gave everything they had but in the end, Guevara attempted a huge 450 splash but was caught with a Code Breaker in mid-air to give Chris Jericho the win.

After the bout, the two men stood together apparently ready to move on with their partnership when Guevara nailed Jericho with a boot below the belt. The New York crowd’s stunned silence turned to disgusted jeers when Don Callis made his way to the ring and put his arm around Guevara, the plot now revealed as to why The Spanish God turned on his mentor.

With Don Callis’ Family now setting their sights on Jericho and Kenny Omega – albeit now through Kota Ibushi for the time being – could the unthinkable happen and the two Winnipeg legends have to work together to end the man they once thought of as family once and for all.