Sammy Guevara On How He’ll “Make Sure” He’s On AEW All In 2024 Card

Sammy Guevara

Sammy Guevara didn’t wrestle inside Wembley Stadium in 2023, but he says he’s going to make sure that changes in 2024.

AEW All In was a massive success, breaking the previous paid attendance record set by WWE at WrestleMania 32. The fans inside Wembley Stadium were treated to a spectacular show, and speaking on a new edition of his vlog on YouTube, AEW star Sammy Guevara opened up about accompanying Chris Jericho to the ring for his highly-praised bout against Will Ospreay.

“It’s wild seeing all those people in the crowd. I was only ringside, in Chris’ corner, but just to experience 81,000 people was pretty sick. Chris had fireworks going off in his entrance, and they were going off above us, and he’s singing his way to the ring. I just look around, I’m like, ‘Woah, this is f*cking nuts. This is crazy.'”

“I Want To Make Sure I Show The World Who The F*ck I Am” – Sammy Guevara

Continuing, Sammy Guevara spoke about not wrestling in front of the record-breaking crowd, and made it clear that he intends to work hard and give the company no choice but to put him on the card when AEW returns to Wembley in 2024.

“I saw people disappointed I wasn’t wrestling this year, and it just is what it was. You can’t change what you can’t change. But what you can do is f*cking work hard, bust your ass, and make sure that next year, they have no choice but to put me on the card. So that’s exactly what we’re gonna do. Appreciate all the love and support. I feel like I could just be content with not wrestling and be happy with that and just collect checks, but that is not me. I want to make sure I show the world who the f*ck I am, and come next year, we’re gonna make sure. We’re gonna make sure.”

h/t Fightful