Sammy Guevara Says Legend Took Blame For Scary AEW Botch

Sammy Guevara

Sammy Guevara has broken down what happened at Forbidden Door II.

At the second AEW x NJPW Forbidden Door, Sammy Guevara teamed with Chris Jericho and Minoru Suzuki to take on Sting, Darby Allin, and Tetsuya Naito. Unsurprisingly, the match was pure chaos, but not everything went totally to plan.

At one point, Guevara went to for 630 Splash from the top rope with Sting lying on a table at ringside. The spot should have seen Sting move out of the way, with Guevara meeting a crashing demise, however, the veteran was too slow getting up, and the Spanish God awkwardly landed on top of him. In an effort to continue the match as planned, Sting quickly got to his feet, essentially “no-selling” the move from Guevara.

During a new interview with Chris Van Vliet, Guevara recalled the spot and fears that he’d “killed Sting.” The former TNT Champion revealed that the WWE Hall of Famer took full blame for the accident and apologised for what happened.

“So, story about that. He was supposed to move. But for whatever reason, either the 630 is too fast or timing, whatever, I landed off. And I remember going through the table, and I feel his body on my back. And I’m thinking, Oh, I just killed Sting. Oh, no, and like I land, kind of roll off that look at him. And then he pops up like a minute later, you know? And like, finishes the match, because he’s such a pro.

But I remember for a minute, I was like, oh no. He took complete total blame for it. He was like, Oh, I’m sorry, I didn’t move, whatever. I’m just happy he’s okay. He’s like, Sorry, I no sold your move. And I’m like, bro, you’re good. You know, like, I’m just happy you’re alive.”

Sammy Guevara Lifts Lid On Concussion Issues

During the same interview, Sammy Guevara broke down how he suffered a concussion at WrestleDream back in October. The star said he banged his head on the mat while performing a Cutter he uses all the time, he added that it wasn’t until he got home that he realised the severity of the issue.

Sammy Guevara returned to AEW on the December 27th episode of Dynamite. On the show, Guevara turned his back on Don Callis and the Don Callis Family to realign with Chris Jericho.

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