Sami Zayn Names AEW Stars He’d Love To Work With

sami zayn mjf

Sami Zayn has named some people in AEW that he is interested in wrestling some day, including the current AEW World Champion MJF.

It’s been a great 2022 for Sami Zayn, who has received a much bigger spotlight in WWE as part of The Bloodline group by showing his loyalty to the group led by the Undisputed WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns.

At Survivor Series, Zayn proved his loyalty to The Bloodline by showing he was loyal to them instead of his (former) best friend Kevin Owens. Zayn saved Reigns from being pinned after Owens hit a Stunner, then he hit Owens with a low blow uppercut and that was followed up by a Helluva Kick. Jey Uso finished Owens off with a top rope splash for the pinfall win. Zayn was hugged by Reigns and Jey, who was notoriously tough on Zayn for several months.

During a recent interview for Cheap Heat with Peter Rosenberg, Zayn talked about some AEW wrestlers he would like to wrestle while mentioning former AEW World Champion Kenny Omega.

“It’s guys that I’ve worked with before that I just miss and that I would love to work with again now like Kenny Omega just as an example. I’m listing a lot of AEW guys here, but you know I haven’t seen him in 10 years. That’s insane. The last time I saw him was in December of 2012 and, you know, I miss him and I miss working him. He was super easy to work — he was a lot like me actually, I thought, very detail-oriented.”

Zayn also had kind words to say about Maxwell Jacob Friedman, who won the AEW World Title at Full Gear, which was one week before Survivor Series.

“I do see some guys out there. MJF pops to mind — I think he’s very talented. There’s a kid in AEW called Dante Martin who’s just, like, a really great high flyer and it kind of reminds me of the matches I would have on the independents with guys who are really good high flyers, so just strictly based on in-ring, I think, just if we were working an indie in front of 300 people.”

MJF isn’t shy about offering his opinion on something on social media, so he tweeted this in response to what Sami Zayn said. MJF called Sami the “salt of the Earth” which is a complement and a phrase that MJF has used about himself in the past.

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