Rumour Killer On WWE Raw Appearance

WWE Raw Arena

According to a report, the ongoing feud between Grayson Waller and Johnny Gargano was set to spill over to Raw on Monday night but the NXT star never appeared – however that might not have been the case after all.

Grayson Waller has been a thorn in the side of NXT head honcho Shawn Michaels in recent weeks, even earning a suspension for interrupting Michaels during a press conference.

Things came to a head at NXT Roadblock as Shawn Michaels appeared on the Grayson Waller Effect. As Waller continued to vent his spleen at Michaels, the WWE Hall of Famer looked to have had enough but said there was one person who wanted to teach Waller a lesson more than him, bringing out Johnny Gargano.

Gargano waved goodbye to the brand where he made his name in WWE back in December 2021 as the developmental show went through an overhaul and NXT 2.0 came to prominence. Johnny Gargano’s emotional goodbye just so happened to be interrupted by Grayson Waller who took out Gargano in a vicious attack. That led to Gargano leaving WWE and was a way to write him off television although now that attack will be paid off in a match at NXT Stand & Deliver.

On Raw in St. Louis, Gargano was in action against Dominik Mysterio but according to reports he could have had to deal with Waller on the show. WRKD Wrestling reported the following tidbits ahead of the show:

“Owens/Zayn and The Usos will open Raw tonight to make their #WrestleMania match official.

Grayson Waller will be in the building for a segment working toward his match with Johnny Gargano.

Roman and Cody will close the show with a segment that has Solo shine. #WWERaw”

The first and last of those things took place with the final segment of the show seeing Solo Sikoa take centre stage for a moment as the feud between Cody Rhodes and Roman Reigns spilled over. A follow-up report noted that “Plans changed throughout the day regarding Waller, sadly” but this is being disputed.

Fightful Select has now reported that Grayson Waller was never factored into plans for Raw in the first place. The report notes that the first some in WWE had heard about Waller supposedly being planned for the show was when they were asked to confirm if it was true.