Shawn Michaels “Had Free Ticket” To Do What He Wanted In WWE

Vince McMahon Shawn Michaels

Shawn Michaels might be an executive in WWE these days as the head of NXT but his behaviour didn’t always make him a model employee.

During the nineties, Shawn Michaels was notorious for his backstage politicking and his desire to be at the top of the card at almost any cost. Michaels dealt with substance misuse issues at the time and things possibly reached their low point when he got involved in a backstage fight at one point with his rival Bret Hart.

Speaking on his Grilling JR podcast, the former Head of Talent Relations in WWE Jim Ross explained that Shawn Michaels almost had free reign for a time due to his relationship with Vince McMahon:

“Well, Shawn Michaels had Vince’s ear so Shawn had a free ticket to do pretty much anything he wanted because he was such a good salesman for his own stuff that he could convince you that this is a good idea. But, if anybody else in the roster had come to us with something along those same lines it would have never made television.

“Shawn was a special case in that regard and Vince let him roll with his instincts probably as much as anybody that we know, that we could talk about.”

Shawn Michaels might want to be on his best behaviour at NXT Roadblock where he has been challenged to come face-to-face with Grayson Waller.

h/t 411Mania