Rumor Killer On Velveteen Dream’s WWE Return

Velveteen Dream in nWo gear

A new report pours cold water on the idea that Velveteen Dream has been seen at the WWE Performance Center.

On October 10th, rumors began swirling after private insider account BWE reported on social media that maligned former NXT star Velveteen Dream had been seen at the WWE Performance Center. According to the report, Dream (real name Patrick Clark) had undergone therapy and was progressing well, and that while he’s not signed, he had visited the Performance Center multiple times, including the night of October 9th.

However, an update from Fightful Select casts doubt on that report, stating that none of BWE’s information could be confirmed except for the fact that Dream has not re-signed with WWE.

One WWE higher up told Fightful that the company has no interest in re-signing the star, in line with a report from last year. That source indicated something “shocking” would have to happen for him to return. The one-time NXT North American Champion has been arrested on a number of occasions, most recently for first degree battery on a gym employee, trespassing on said gym’s grounds, and being in possession of drug paraphernalia. He’s since admitted to cocaine use while in NXT, which is supposedly what led to a quiet suspension.

NXT Talent Haven’t Seen Velveteen Dream At The WWE Performance Center

Fightful also spoke with numerous sources at the WWE Performance Center, with one NXT star saying they haven’t heard anything about Velveteen Dream being around. A main roster talent said that while they can’t be sure as they’re no longer at the Performance Center themselves, they didn’t think he would be able to get his job back after everything that had happened. That talent did indicate, however, that performers rarely hang around the Performance Center unless they’re in talks with the company.

Another NXT talent indicated that they’d not seen Velveteen Dream around, but did explain that the PC is actually made up of two separate buildings. This talent was at the Performance Center all day and didn’t hear anything about Velveteen Dream, but wouldn’t put it past the star to randomly show up.

Multiple other talents told Fightful they hadn’t seen Dream around the Performance Center, with one saying they hadn’t even heard his name in quite some time. The talent was quoted as saying, “That would surprise me, honestly.”

Fightful Select concludes the report with saying that if Dream has indeed been around the Performance Center, that information is being kept away from talent. They did not hear back from any NXT coaches on the situation.