Roxanne Perez Collapses On NXT TV

Roxanne Perez collapses NXT

Roxanne Perez was in action on the 7th of March edition of NXT television but it is what happened after the match that has got fans worried.

The main event of NXT Roadblock saw Roxanne Perez defend her NXT Women’s Championship against Meiko Satomura in the main event. Satomura has been something of a mentor to Perez since joining the brand and this storyline may have played out after the bout.

Perez retained her title against the former NXT UK Women’s Champion but moments later she collapsed in the ring and was eventually placed on a stretcher before being taken away in an ambulance.

An update provided by WWE added that Roxanne Perez was to be kept in the hospital overnight for observation of her condition.

Given that the aftermath of the situation was filmed and shared on social media, it is believed that Roxanne Perez’ collapse is part of her ongoing storyline with Meiko Satomura.

Shawn Michaels, who was on hand to help load Perez into the ambulance, was part of a similar storyline in the mid-nineties when injuries suffered outside the ring were used as an excuse for Michaels collapsing during a match with Owen Hart, although Hart maintained that it was his devastating enziguri that did the damage.