Ronda Rousey Retains WWE Smackdown Women’s Championship Against Shotzi

Ronda Rousey

And still! Ronda Rousey is your WWE Smackdown Women’s Champion!

During the WWE Survivor Series Premium Live Event, Ronda Rousey and Shotzi squared off for the WWE Smackdown Women’s Championship, this after Shotzi earned a title shot after winning a six-pack challenge.

Shotzi came into the match as a heavy underdog, and it showed quickly and Rousey started on a roll, however, Shotzi eventually got herself back into the match, and even took out Shayna Baszler at one point during the match. From there, Baszler attempted to distract her, but Shotzi would counter Rousey on a sneak attack, but before too long, Rousey grabbed back the leverage, and dominated her with submission moves.

Shotzi got back into the match eventually, having a solid back-and-forth with Rousey for a few minutes, even jumping from the barricade and slamming right into Rousey, Baszler and several fans from the WWE Universe as well, laying them all out.

However, when the action got back into the ring, Rousey once again laid out her submission moves, rolling all over Shotzi and eventually getting her to tap out.

As a result, Ronda Rousey is still the WWE Smackdown Women’s Champion and continues her reign as queen of the blue brand.