Roman Reigns Explains Why The Bloodline Is Special

roman reigns wwe the bloodline universal title

Roman Reigns is praising The Bloodline for being a group full of unique characters that are special because they can take anything and make it good.

As the leader of WWE’s group name known as The Bloodline, the Undisputed WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns knows what he’s talking about when it comes to making others around him better. Reigns started this “Tribal Chief” character in the summer of 2020 when he won the Universal Title at a show called Payback while the “Special Counsel” Paul Heyman was by his side.

The Bloodline stable started in late 2020 after Reigns had an emotional feud with his cousin Jey Uso over the Universal Title. After Reigns beat Jey in two championship matches, including a Hell in a Cell, Reigns made Jey “acknowledge” him and that’s what Jey did.

Jey’s twin brother Jimmy Uso was part of the initial story because he tried to stop Roman from beating Jimmy up even further. At that time, Jimmy was out of action with a knee injury. When Jimmy was cleared to return in the spring of 2022, he was back to teaming with his brother and eventually he acknowledged Reigns too.

Solo Sikoa is the younger brother of The Usos, who spent his first year in WWE as part of NXT. At Clash at the Castle in September, Solo joined the main roster by screwing Drew McIntyre out of a championship win over Reigns. Solo has since been named the “Enforcer” of The Bloodline group.

Sami Zayn has proven his loyalty to The Bloodline by taking moves intended for other members of the group, helping others in the group win matches and just by being a loyal friend. While Reigns and the others have welcomed Zayn as the “Honorary Uce” in the group, Jey doesn’t like Sami and has made that clear for several months.

Together, The Bloodline is a dominant group featuring Reigns holding the two biggest titles in WWE and The Usos holding two sets of Tag Team Titles as well. They are also unique characters with differences that allow all of them to stand out.

While speaking to The Ringer to promote Survivor Series, Reigns talked about how being the top guy means you make others around you better.

“That’s one of the top responsibilities of being the top guy is we never work down. It’s only about bringing people up and making them better. Look at all the characters around me. Look at how strong this character is to be able to be the centerpiece of so many amazing talents.”

Reigns went on to talk about how Zayn adds something completely different to the group since he’s not related to Reigns, The Usos and Solo, but he’s such an interesting character that is fun to watch.

“I mean, look at Sami. He unlocked a different door, which allows us to showcase different layers. He gives us something completely different to play off of. And vice versa, for Sami to be at the cool-kid table, in the cool clique. Being able to showcase that story, that’s what makes us next level.”

As The Tribal Chief continued, he spoke about the memorable Smackdown segment that The Bloodline had where Sami said that Jey wasn’t “feeling Ucey” leading to genuine laughter from Roman, Jey & Jimmy along with many “Ucey” chants happening since then. Roman Reigns believes that it’s an example of how The Bloodline can take anything and make it work.

“Who would’ve thought ‘Ucey’ would be a thing? But over 12 million people on social media made it a thing, and that’s the type of power we have. We can take anything, anything, and make it good. That’s why the Bloodline, the Tribal Chief is so special. Because we’ve taken more chicken sh*t and made chicken salad than anybody in the history of this business.”

Elsewhere in that article on The Ringer, Paul Heyman made the case for Reigns as the G.O.A.T. aka the Greatest Of All Time in pro wrestling history.

Roman Reigns will be in action this coming Saturday, November 26th at WWE Survivor Series when he teams up with The Bloodline to face the team of Drew McIntyre, Sheamus, Kevin Owens, Butch & Ridge Holland in a WarGames match.