Roman Reigns Responds To Incredible WWE Raw Segment

Roman Reigns

Roman Reigns has given his thoughts on one of the more memorable Raw moments in recent times as Cody Rhodes came face to face with Sami Zayn.

For almost 900 days Roman Reigns has had a target on his back as Universal Champion and now, not for the first time, he is faced with two challengers that have all the momentum in the world behind them.

Cody Rhodes returned to WWE as the prodigal son in 2022 when he appeared as Seth Rollins’ opponent at WrestleMania 38. An injury in the summer halted Rhodes’ momentum in its tracks but when he returned to the ring at the 2023 Royal Rumble The American Nightmare hadn’t missed a step as he won the men’s Rumble match to book his title match at WrestleMania 39.

On the other hand, Sami Zayn has steadily gained popularity week after week as he tried to ingratiate himself with Roman Reigns and The Bloodline. What may have started out as weaselly quickly became endearing and Zayn has become a firm favourite with fans. That popularity reached new heights at the Royal Rumble when he became sick of Reigns’ actions and slammed a chair into Reigns’ back.

Sami Zayn will face Roman Reigns in his hometown of Montreal, Quebec, Canada at the Elimination Chamber for the Undisputed WWE Universal Championship and the winner of that bout will move forward to face Rhodes in Los Angeles.

On Raw in New York City, Sami Zayn interrupted the show to call out Cody Rhodes and ask him if he really believes what he said previously – that Zayn can beat Reigns. The spine-tingling showdown showcased both stars’ popularity and raised questions of win or lose in Montreal, could Zayn still be a part of the WrestleMania main event?

Taking to social media, it’s safe to say that The Tribal Chief was not impressed by what he termed a “pep rally” between Zayn and Rhodes.