Cody Rhodes Calls WWE Icon “The Ultimate Role Model”

Cody Rhodes

Cody Rhodes has waxed lyrical about WWE icon John Cena, calling the sixteen-time champion of the world turned movie star “the ultimate role model.”

John Cena was a mainstay at the top of the card in WWE for the best part of two decades, equalling Ric Flair’s recognised record of sixteen world title wins and selling every colour of t-shirt you could possibly imagine.

Since winding down his full-time in-ring career, John Cena has ventured into the world of Hollywood, appearing as Peacemaker in The Suicide Squad and the eponymous HBO series as well as taking on a role in The Fast and The Furious franchise as well.

Speaking on My Mom’s Basement, Cody Rhodes was asked about being viewed as a locker room leader in WWE and discussed John Cena’s time in that role and explained just how valuable Cena was to everyone in the company:

“You mention John. John’s the ultimate role model as far as how he conducted himself, whether it was with the media, with the fans, the good fans, the more unruly fans, everything. He is the ultimate role model. Before he became a bus guy, I got to drive him around a little bit, and he was just talking. I was, in my mind, just writing everything down that he was saying.”

“He was really invaluable as a person to be around. I’m so blown away by how he’s doing and what he’s doing. I think if you try to copy what he did… everyone’s gotta do it their own way. I think my style if I ever was to be somebody that was a locker room leader, would just be to lead by example.”

Cody Rhodes also reflected on his time in management as part of AEW which helps him understand what is needed to lead people, and says if he’s viewed that way in WWE, he’ll do it his own way, and probably not in jean shorts:

“I know because, as my time in management and being an executive, as beneficial as that was to me and as educational as it was to me, sometimes it’s easier to lead by example, really, versus telling them this is gonna work, or being so adamant that they need to do this and need to do this. Everybody is different.”

“There is no true formula for success in sports entertainment and pro wrestling. It’s really you just know it when you hear it when they’re reacting, boos and cheers included in that. I think for me, I’ll probably do it my way if I ever end up in that spot and I kind of am. But yeah, I’d like to do it my way. I loved how he did it. Dude was in his jean shorts and his shirt.”

Cody Rhodes also recently discussed the backstage brawl between CM Punk and The Young Bucks and said the whole situation left him feeling “bummed out.”

h/t Fightful