Rob Van Dam Recalls Working With Steve Austin In WWE

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Rob Van Dam was one of the last stars to jump ship from ECW and has now been reflecting on the 2001 Invasion angle and stepping into the ring with Stone Cold Steve Austin.

During a five-year spell in ECW, Rob Van Dam established himself as one of the company’s biggest Superstars, including being the World Television Champion for the longest reign in ECW history.

But after Vince McMahon purchased both WCW and ECW, a storyline that introduced new talent to the WWE audience was created.

In May 2001, the Invasion story was launched after Lance Storm ran into the ring and delivered a super kick to Perry Saturn.

One of the most controversial moments of the Invasion angle saw Stone Cold Steve Austin turn heel to join forces with WCW and ECW. This saw Austin work closely with the newly signed Rob Van Dam.

Although the storyline did not live up to fan expectation, it opened up opportunities for the likes of RVD and Booker T to begin Hall of Fame careers in WWE.

Mr Monday Night was appearing at Starrcast VI this weekend and discussed his time working with Steve Austin during an interview with SEScoops.

“It was fun, it was good TV, you know but being in the center of it when I think about what it was like for me in my perspective I was dealing with a bit of political pressure, adjusting there.

So I think about during that time I feel like no matter what I was doing like they always expected something more out of me and I never really understood what it was that they were expecting ’cause I thought ‘hey you hired me ’cause of what I do, I want to do it let me do it.’ Everyone wanted to put a little change on me or have me do ‘a little more of this or get to know this guy a little bit better.’

So for me a lot of that was so frustrating that it wasn’t quite as enjoyable as it might have been on the outside”

Rob Van Dam Was All In During Jack Perry Battle

Last month Rob Van Dam entered the world of AEW as he stepped into the ring with then FTW Champion Jack Perry.

Following Jack Perry insulting ECW, Jerry Lynn brought Rob Van Dam in to beat some respect into the young Champion.

Perry defeated the Hardcore legend with a low blow and retained the Championship. Despite the ending to the match, RVD has not been seen in AEW since.

Last Sunday at All In, Jack Perry lost the FTW Championship to Hook in a brutal battle that saw Perry’s arm cut open on a car window.

H/t to SEScoops