Rob Van Dam Has “No Long-Term Damage” From Concussions

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WWE Hall of Famer Rob Van Dam opened up about his history with concussions, noting that he’s in better shape than people might expect.

Rob Van Dam has spent decades in the world of professional wrestling, but according to the man himself, his hundreds of concussions haven’t left him with any permanent damage. Speaking on a recent episode of Insight with Chris Van Vliet, RVD dispelled Internet rumors to the contrary.

“I have absolutely no long-term damage from any of the concussions, regardless of what the fans will tell you. If you want to go by actual neurologist reports and testing and facts, I have no long-term concussion damage whatsoever. But if you want to go by the internet then apparently I can’t hold two words together.”

Rob Van Dam Also Discussed His Lung Health After Long-Term Cannabis Use

Continuing, Rob Van Dam revealed that he also had his lungs checked out as he’s a long-term smoker of cannabis. He detailed his results, once again saying he’s in the clear.

“I got my lungs scanned because I wanted to see what kind of condition they were in as a long-term cannabis smoker. I got the reports, I had one doctor read them and he was fairly vague. He said there’s good … they’re good, there’s no sign of any abnormalities and they look healthy. I had another doctor look and was a little more specific and he said that my lungs are clear, that there’s no scarring, which is what happens from cigarette smoke, and there’s no inflammation or abnormalities and my lungs are healthy.”

In fact, Rob Van Dam says he feels much better in his 50’s than he did in his younger years, something that’s helped him continue to wrestle.

“I feel pretty good and I feel better now in my 50s than I did in my 40s, by the way. I had like back issues and I went to Cedar Sinai [hospital] in 2012-ish because it was like the end of my Impact run. Anyway, [I had] compressed discs, bone spurs and arthritis, and bulging disc, and all this stuff. That stuff, it went away. It bothered me for so long and now and now it’s like … I don’t have the back issues that I used to have, so that’s part of why I’m in such a good mood now and why I’m like, ‘Why retire?’ because now body’s feeling good.”

Elsewhere in the podcast, RVD made it clear that he has no plans to retire any time soon.

h/t WrestlingInc