Road Dogg Details X-Pac’s Incredible Chyna Tribute During DX Anniversary

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Road Dogg has shared some insight into X-Pac giving a special shoutout to the late, great Chyna during a recent D-Generation X segment on WWE Monday Night Raw.

The October 10th edition of Raw saw WWE celebrate the 25-year anniversary of D-Generation X. Sadly, the entire group wasn’t able to make it because Billy Gunn works for AEW while Chyna passed away in 2016. While WWE made attempts to get Gunn to appear at the show, Gunn also understood why it didn’t happen.

That meant that founding DX members Shawn Michaels and Triple H were there along with X-Pac and Road Dogg, who formed the New Age Outlaws tag team with Gunn.

When the foursome got to the ring in the main event of Raw, X-Pac gave a special shoutout to Chyna before they went into their routine full of popular catchphrases and gestures.

During a recent episode of his “Oh, You Didn’t Know?” podcast, Road Dogg talked about how X-Pac came up with the idea to do a tribute to Chyna.

“He and I spoke a lot about everything the night before and all day. He said, ‘Somebody should mention her. I’ll do it.’ I said, ‘I think you should do it anyway, dude. It’s only right that you do.’ He felt the same way and he was going in first, so he knocked it out. I don’t know if Hunter and Shawn knew he was going to do that.”

It’s well known that X-Pac dated Chyna after their WWE careers were over, which is why Road Dogg felt that it was right for X-Pac to do it.

Road Dogg also talked about how it was tough for him to figure out what to do without Billy Gunn there.

“The hard part, to me, was going to be ‘What do I do when I get to Billy in my promo and he isn’t there? How do I do this?’ It’s probably more important to bring up Chyna because of her passing and everything, but for me, it was like ‘Billy’s not here.'”

D-Generation X was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame as a group in 2019.

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