Road Dogg Thinks Bret Hart Should Forgive Goldberg

Bret Hart

Road Dogg thinks that Bret Hart’s bitterness over his sudden retirement should be cast aside.

Bret Hart’s WCW tenure, and his entire wrestling career for that matter, came to an end shortly after taking an exceptionally stiff kick from Goldberg at Starrcade 1999.

The kick caused Bret to suffer a severe concussion which, compounded with his many other injuries and overall physical condition, caused him to retire not long afterwards.

In the decades that followed, Bret seems to have mended fences with almost everyone that he believes wronged him in the past. But not Goldberg. Bret has continued expressing his dislike for Goldberg, criticizing him often and lambasting WWE for allowing him into their Hall of Fame.

But Bret’s public excoriation of Goldberg has gotten other wrestlers’ attention as well. One such a person was “Road Dogg” Jessie James, who gave his opinion on this matter on the Oh You Didn’t Know Podcast:

“I think you do have to get over it and go, ‘it was an accident, man. Nobody meant to hurt anybody.’ I know Goldberg … I can’t imagine him having malice in his heart when any of this stuff went down.

I see that as an accident, and I see that worthy of forgiveness and I think in time, maybe Bret will do that … In time, I think Bret will find forgiveness in his heart for even Goldberg.”

As for Goldberg, he recently noted that he still feels guilty about what happened but he’s done apologizing for something that happened such a long time ago.

h/t WrestlingInc for the transcription