Road Dogg Praises The Bloodline As “Best Thing In Wrestling Right Now”

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Road Dogg is one of many people hailing the Bloodline for their work these past few years.

Although Roman Reigns and the Usos teamed together in the past, they didn’t come together as ‘The Bloodline’ stable/faction until Reigns’ 2020 return. Since then, the trio have become arguably the best faction in decades. Reigns, as a singles competitor and the Usos as a tag team have shattered one record after another and solidified themselves as future Hall of Famers for their successes.

One of the people joining the cacophony of praises being sung about the Bloodline is Road Dogg, who has been a longtime figure backstage in WWE. On his Oh You Didn’t Know Podcast, Road Dogg had nothing but great things to say about the trio.

“It’s the hottest thing in sports entertainment, in professional wrestling. The Bloodline storyline, as a whole, and the intricacies in the relationship and the characters, it’s the best thing in wrestling right now. There’s not even a close second. That’s just how it is.

I don’t say that because they hired me back. I say that because it’s a fact. If you disagree with it, it’s because you’re a hater and you’re not looking at the big picture, you’re playing small ball.

Roman Reigns and his reign have been epic and history making for the WWE as an entertainment conglomerate. It’s good for business. It’s best for business. We ain’t even close to over.”

When asked about Reigns’ current run as world champion, Road Dogg called it “the greatest in distant history, for sure.”

h/t Fightful for the transcription