Road Dogg “Mad At The World” After WWE Release

Road Dogg

WWE Hall of Famer might be an executive in the company now but back in 2000, he was on the outs as he dealt with drug addiction.

Speaking on his Oh You Didn’t Know podcast, Road Dogg explained what led to his release from WWE in 2000 when he was struggling with drug addiction and says he was “messed up” during a match:

“I talked With Jim Ross and I talked with Bruce Prichard. I was even hammered when I did that. It was definitely the downward spiral. This went down at television. I’ll skip ahead a little bit. I had a match with Ron Killings against D’Lo And Headbanger Chaz. I think that was Headbanger Chaz and I was messed up. I’ve made it out to the ring and made it in the match. I was messed up clearly. I went out there. I had the match. I don’t want to watch the match ever again. I’m ashamed of myself. The integrity of my profession was destroyed by me.

“That part hurts me the worst that I would go out there and risk other people. All those people are my friends. They didn’t do anything negative to me, but at the time, I probably was hot at them because they stooged me off or something, like nobody could tell I was screwed up. I’m bouncing off the walls trying to get to the Gorilla position. But look, that’s on me and there’s no other two ways to put it. That’s on me and it was a bad part of my life.”

Road Dogg then explained how he felt when he was released by the company due to his issues and says he was most concerned about how he’d be able to afford his next fix:

“I honestly was like, ‘How are they going to do SmackDown or Raw without me?’ That’s where my head was at man. It was in a drug-fueled, egotistical, just a haze of chaos. It’s so disturbing to think about my day-to-day existence at that time. Like. I just thank God I don’t have to live like that anymore.

“It was me not looking at it through a proper perspective. It was me being mad because my gravy train ended. They took my gravy train away because I was behaving in ways that were unbecoming of a WWF superstar. Now, I can see that and say that. At the time, I was still looking through drug-addled eyes and not making sound decisions., but basing decisions off of my feelings, which we all know is not the right thing to do, I was mad. They took away my paycheck. How am I gonna buy drugs now? I was angry. I was mad at everybody. I was mad at the world.”

Road Dogg also recently caused a stir with his take on women’s wrestling, admitting he was never a fan of it until he saw one match that has gone down in history.