Road Dogg Condemns Modern Wrestling Trend

Road Dogg Condemns Modern Wrestling Trend

Road Dogg Brian James has shared valuable insights that offer a unique perspective on the current state of professional wrestling.

Speaking on the podcast Oh, You Didn’t Know? Road Dogg shed light on a prevalent issue he sees among modern wrestlers, specifically addressing a misdirected focus during comebacks. Expressing his concern, James highlighted the tendency of many contemporary wrestlers to inappropriately acknowledge the crowd in the midst of their comebacks, diverting attention from their opponents. He emphasised:

Looking to the crowd. I just feel like you don’t look to the crowd in the middle of your comeback. There’s a time and a place for you to acknowledge the crowd. But your focus is on the opponent.

Drawing an analogy to a bar fight, James stressed the importance of maintaining focus on the adversary rather than the onlookers. He pointed out:

If you’re in a bar fight, you’re not going to look to see what the DJ is thinking, you know what I mean?

Expanding on his insights, James encouraged wrestlers to inject more realism into their comebacks, advocating for a portrayal that feels genuine and authentic. He urged performers to elevate the authenticity of their in-ring performances, emphasising a shift towards more realistic portrayals.

Which AEW Wrestler Does Road Dogg Think He Is Better Than?

Road Dogg claimed that he is a better sports entertainer than former AEW Champion MJF. He stated that while he believes that MJF is a very respectful and smart young man, his character was a better sports entertainer than MJF.

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