Road Dogg Claims To Be Better Sports Entertainer Than MJF

Road Dogg and MJF

Road Dogg has made the bold claim that he is a better sports entertainer than MJF.

MJF was last seen when he lost the AEW World Title to Samoa Joe at Worlds End, before being betrayed by his brochacho Adam Cole, who revealed himself to be The Devil who has been haunting the Salt of the Earth for months.

Before the loss, Maxwell Jacob Friedman was on a roll at the top of All Elite Wrestling, having reigned as the champion for over 400 days and defeated a who’s who of the company’s top stars along the way. As well as his prowess in the ring, Friedman is widely praised for his skills on the microphone, being able to hold his own against some of the best talkers in pro wrestling.

Despite this resume, on a recent edition of his podcast, ‘Oh… You Didn’t Know?’, Road Dogg claimed he was a better sports entertainer than Friedman.

“So the fact that I’ve taken this long should make everybody mad. Are they pissed you think by now? I don’t know dude. He’s great. He’s a really great promo. I mean, he’s not a great wrestler in my mind, but I wasn’t even a good one, so I don’t compare that to.”

The WWE Hall of Famer then doubled down on his words, although he said he meant no disrespect by it.

“So let me just give this to you plain and simple. The Road Dogg is a better sports entertainer than MJF, and that is no disrespect to MJF. I met the individual. He’s a very respectful young man, a very smart young man. Very smart in the way he eats and the way he trains. He surpasses me in everything, but I wanted to make the one line that everybody will read very clear. I’m a better sports entertainer than MJF.”

After joking that he’ll “trend” because of his assertion, Road Dogg spoke about how great a guy Friedman is in person, and said he would be “tremendous” in WWE.

“I get it, ‘Road Dogg says’, and then I’ll trend and thank you guys for that, but if they listen to the whole thing man, as a human being, I think the guy is a good dude. I spent some time with him, and this is a funny story and it brings it back to Grado. I sat with him and Billy while we watched Grado work at the Con we were at, whatever the convention we were at over there and had a blast. So, a great guy, great at what we do.

“Would be tremendous in WWE. Never say never, but I hope I get the opportunity to work with him, but again, let me make it very simple for you guys. I’m a better sports entertainer than MJF.”

MJF Taking Time Off From AEW

At Worlds End, Maxwell Jacob Friedman was showing visible signs of injury as his shoulder was covered in medical tape as well as a sling. According to reports, MJF has legitimate injuries and will be taken a lengthy leave of absence from AEW to heal up.

While it is believed that MJF re-signed with AEW some time ago, the star still claims his contract expired in January 2024, leaving him a free agent. When questioned about this recently, Tony Khan declined to speak on MJF’s status.

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