Road Dogg Called Out Following Controversial Tweet

road dogg wwe

Over the years, WWE has undergone a ton of evolution, eventually getting to a point of embracing a diverse group of professional wrestlers. While the diversity is accepted by universally everyone, there are some out there who think that wrestlers don’t know how to make the crowd pop, such as Disco Inferno and Road Dogg.

Disco Inferno — who was both a TV and Cruiserweight Champion in WCW — tweeted his opinion about modern-day wrestling, saying that he believes that vast majority of modern talent don’t know how to get reactions from the crowd.

“95% of modern day wrestlers have no clue how to get over.”

Disco Inferno, real name Glenn Gilbertti, received a ton of backlash for his view, however, some people agreed with the former WCW star. Brian “Road Dogg” James, who is WWE‘s Senior Vice President of Live Events, agreed with Gilbertti’s tweet, but he thought he was being too nice about it, saying that his estimation was actually too low.

“You’re being generous”

Back in August after Paul “Triple H” Levesque took over WWE creative, Brian “Road Dogg” James made his comeback to the company replacing Jeff Jarrett as the Senior Vice President of Live Events.