Rikishi Comments On The Bloodline, If He Will Get Involved

The Bloodline Civil War at Money in the Bank - Roman Reigns Solo Sikoa Jey Uso Jimmy Uso The Usos

With the family feud within The Bloodline far from over, Rikishi has passed comment on the group and whether he may step in.

Whilst Roman Reigns may still be acknowledged by many, The Usos have finally turned their backs on him, potentially leading to an Undisputed WWE Universal Championship defense by ‘The Head Of The Table’ against Jey Uso at SummerSlam.

There’s certainly plenty of family heritage in the wrestling industry, with WWE Hall Of Famer Rikishi related to the group. In a discussion with Sportskeeda, he has given his opinion on Roman Reigns and the rest of the family.

Jimmy is laid back. I’d say Jey is kind of the one that’s in your face. Solo is kind of what he is today, the silent killer. I’m proud of all three of them, including Roman Reigns, to be able to be out there and represent the family today.

I think the whole world acknowledges Roman Reigns. I am proud of Joe, Sika Joe Anoa’i. I think Roman Reigns is doing one hell of a job carrying the ball for the company for numerous years. I mean, it’s not easy to be The Guy. I mean, there’s so much responsibility behind the curtains and he’s doing a good job. I just hope and I pray that he continues his strength and continues to take care of himself and get some rest.

As you’d expect, there are plenty asking whether Rikishi could step in to try and settle the differences, or even just take a side. On that matter, he had a very simple comment.

I would have to go silent on that one.

Paul Heyman is certainly also one of the key orchestrators of The Bloodline, and The Usos have commented on why he is so important to it.

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