Ricochet Recreates Famous NXT Spot On Raw


Ricochet and Logan Paul came face to face on Monday Night Raw as things heated up between the two rivals following their issues at Money In The Bank.

Logan Paul and Ricochet were the talk of the wrestling world back at the Royal Rumble when they collided in mid-air after leaping off the ropes. WWE was hoping lightning would strike twice at Money In The Bank with the two men set to fly spectacularly via a Spanish Fly from the top rope through two tables on the floor. However, in the heat of battle, feet got tangled and the move didn’t quite come off as planned.

Paul and Ricochet were later seen getting into a backstage brawl following the match with Paul adding that the confrontation came about because he felt his opponent was “a little unprofessional.”

Now on Monday Night Raw in Buffalo, New York the two stars have got physical after Ricochet called Paul out to face him face-to-face on the show. The former US Champion said he wanted to challenge Paul to a match but at that moment he just wanted to hurt the social media star.

The segment devolved into chaos when Ricochet relived a famous spot from his days in NXT as he flipped over the top rope to the floor to get into his rival’s face. The One & Only previously went viral for doing that same spot on the black and gold brand when he was feuding with Velveteen Dream. The controversial nature of Dream means that moment might not be as replayed on WWE TV as much as it would have been.