Ricochet Thinks Fans Care About Different Wrestling Styles More Than Wrestlers Do

ricochet braun strowman dropkick

Ricochet has made it clear that he thinks fans care more about different wrestling styles than the wrestlers themselves seem to care about it.

Following WWE Crown Jewel in November 2022 when Braun Strowman beat Omos in a matchup of two wrestling giants, Strowman mocked “flippy wrestlers” on Twitter although he would end up deleting those comments. That was followed by reports that Strowman had backstage heat after those comments due to people in WWE not liking how he was mocking wrestlers smaller than him and that wrestle a different style than the 6’8″ and 350-pound Strowman.

Like they sometimes do, WWE turned it into a bit of an on-screen storyline with a well-known “flippy wrestler” Ricochet confronting Strowman about it.

Since then, Ricochet has beaten Strowman in a match on Smackdown (it wasn’t that clean) and the duo teamed up to win on the Christmas edition of Smackdown on December 23, 2022 as well.

In an interview with Stephanie Chase on YouTube, Ricochet talked about being a tag team partner with Braun Strowman recently.

“Braun has been great. I’ve known Braun ever since I’ve been in the WWE. He’s always been great, even now, he’s been coming out to help me with Imperium or Hit Row, and I’ve helped him. That’s going great. It’s especially great when you and somebody like Braun Strowman to be on the same page.”

“It’s always nice to have a monster in your pocket, just in case. Things have been great. If he and I can start to get closer and become together as a tag team, it could be dangerous.”

As he continued, Ricochet explained how he thinks internet fans care about different styles a lot more than wrestlers do.

“I think the internet talks more about it than the wrestlers do. The internet cares more about it than the wrestlers do.”

“For the most part, everyone backstage, they just want to make something together and want to make a work of art for you guys. I don’t think anyone really cares (about) a style of anyone else. If you hear it, it’s usually more of the internet than the locker room.”

H/T Fightful