Braun Strowman Has Backstage Heat After Social Media Comments

Braun Strowman screaming in the ring

On World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) Television, we’ve seen the “Monster of all Monsters” Braun Strowman have several feuds, with the latest being against the “Nigerian Giant” Omos. However, it appears that Strowman has heat in real life, and it’s happening backstage with other talent.

According to Fightful Select, Braun Strowman has been criticized by multiple coworkers throughout WWE after his Crown Jewel comments on Twitter in which he targeted “flippy wrestlers” and “grocery baggers” — the tweets have since been deleted. At the time, multiple wrestlers, including WWE’s Mustafa Ali and Ricochet, openly threw criticism towards Strowman’s way, but it’s now spread even further backstage. Other wrestlers outside of the company who got after Strowman included Chris Jericho, Keith Lee, Will Ospreay, among others.

The Fightful Select report also notes that Braun Strowman has been on his “best behavior” backstage since making his comeback to WWE, and there haven’t been any problems with him in person. However, “social media Braun” Strowman is seeming to cause problems with fellow wrestlers. According to the report, World Wrestling Entertainment is aware of the situation, with one official saying that Strowman was immature with his approach.

One source also told Fightful that Strowman’s words have nothing to do with any kind of angle, nor will they be turning it into one. However, the source did go on to say that Strowman could ultimately be ribbed for his comments, or referenced on television for his views.

Also according to Fightful Select’s report, one wrestler would make the claim of “they’ll never do a flip in their life,” as well as saying that Braun Strowman should have never tweeted what he did, adding “We need them, and they need us. Wrestling is everything. There’s very little truly right and wrong. He didn’t come up in the business doing the things that a lot of those people did, so he probably doesn’t understand.”