Ric Flair Reacts To Nearly Winning “Worst Match Of The Year” Award In 2022

Ric Flair fights Jeff Jarrett

Ric Flair has reacted to nearly winning a prestigious award for having the worst wrestling match of 2022 by saying “let me have the match again.”

The legendary two-time WWE Hall of Famer Ric Flair recently turned 74 years old. Last July at when he was still 73, Ric Flair had a match billed as “Ric Flair’s Last Match.” It was a tag team match with Flair teaming with his son-in-law Andrade El Idolo (who is married to Charlotte Flair) against Jeff Jarrett & Jay Lethal.

Flair and Andrade got the win when he nailed Jarrett with brass knuckles. Flair trapped Jarrett in the figure-four leg lock despite The Nature Boy falling unconscious during the bout. After the bout was over, Flair blamed his health issues during the match on dehydration.

Recently, the Wrestling Observer Newsletter published their fan-voted Wrestling Observer Awards with the Vince McMahon-Pat McAfee match “winning” the award as the Worst Match while Ric Flair’s Last Match was the runner-up. Keep in mind that the Wrestling Observer also has named their Best Wrestler award after Ric Flair and Lou Thesz too. However, even the best of all time can have the worst matches.

Recently, on his To Be The Man podcast, Ric Flair talked about the Wrestling Observer Awards. When he was informed that Ric Flair’s Last Match was the runner up for Worst Match of 2022, Flair responded to it.

“I’ll take that because it was the sh*ts. No, no, but here’s the deal. It was the sh*ts because I made a mistake in not hydrating. Let them have it again. No, I mean, I’m serious. I think about it all the time. Let me have the match again. Because the one thing I never thought about was to keep myself hydrated, which I found out my doctor told me the other day, I just went to get my heart tested and all that.”

“He said the only thing wrong with you, he said, he’s my new doctor here in Tampa. So he’s reading my medical records. He goes you drink nine to 12 beers a day, just like the psychiatrist right from years ago. The idea that you do that every day is that I’m looking at your bloodwork, all I can say is if you’re gonna keep drinking like you got to stay a little more hydrated. That’s the only thing so just drink more water. He said I assume you won’t quit drinking? I said you got that sh*t right? [He said] Just drink more water.”

Despite saying that he would like to have the match again, Flair also said in January that “I don’t want to wrestle again.” Considering his age and health history, that’s probably the wise thing.

As for what he made during his last match, Ric Flair revealed he was paid $300,000 for it, so it wasn’t a bad day at the office for The Nature Boy.

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