Pat McAfee Recalls His WrestleMania 38 Experience Against Vince McMahon

pat mcafee vince mcmahon wrestlemania 38

Pat McAfee has reacted to winning an award for having the worst match of year when he went one-on-one (sort of) against Vince McMahon at WrestleMania 38.

As we have covered previously, former (and maybe future) WWE announcer Pat McAfee “won” the award for Worst Pro Wrestling Match of 2022 as voted by the readers of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter.

Pat McAfee wrestled two matches at WrestleMania 38. The first one was a victory over Austin Theory, who was just known as Theory at that point. The second match was an impromptu match against WWE Executive Chairman Vince McMahon, who was 76 years old at the time of the match (he is 77 now). Theory helped Vince get the win in a historically bad match that thankfully was kept under four minutes.

After the match was over and the crowd was horrified at what they saw, “Stone Cold” Steve Austin got them lively again by making a surprise appearance that led to Austin hitting Stone Cold Stunners on Theory, McMahon and even McAfee himself.

On Twitter, Pat McAfee wrote out a series of tweets about the match while thanking the voters for being part of the worst match of the year.

“Well… Me and Vince McMahon’s match at WrestleMania has officially been named “Worst (nonsanctioned) match of the year.

The old man was MUCH stronger than anybody could’ve imagined.. Caught me off guard quite a bit (and I was Cheap Shotted to start it all)

Fun Fact.. The 1st time Steve gave Vince a stunner was in 1997… I was 10 years old, from a working class community, and it made me fall in love with the business.

Wonder if it would be magical to get one last BAHGAWD in Stone Cold’s State?

But… How do we get there?

OHHHH.. He has to abuse his power a little bit… ohhhhhh

When I was invited back in the ring.. I thought I was gonna get to celebrate Stone Cold finally ending the run with Vince.. “The Common Beer Drinking Employee” has finally put the old “Power abusing Billionaire Boss” away..

I was LIVING A DREAM whilst they wrapped (in my opinion) the greatest/most impactful storyline in the history of wrestling.



My brain may have been used during the planning of all of this.. So I appreciate the award.. obviously.

I’m not a movie guy.. I didn’t watch shows.. I don’t play video games.. From an entertainment standpoint.. Football and Wrestling are literally the only 2 things I’ve ever consistently watched/loved for my whole life.

Cheers to you all. I’ll remember that night, in Jerry World, forever.


The final post by Pat McAfee included the great shot of laying on his back on the floor and pouring some beer in his mouth, which drew laughs from the crowd in Dallas.