Ric Flair Wants The McMahon’s Involved In WWE After Sale

Ric Flair

Vince McMahon will remain as Executive Chairman following Endeavor’s deal to take over WWE and merge the company with UFC and Ric Flair is one man who is glad that the McMahons will still be involved.

The Endeavor Group officially announced on the morning of the 3rd of April 2023 that it had agreed to a $21 billion deal to form a new company that will encompass both UFC and WWE in the biggest shake-up in the wrestling world in decades.

Vince McMahon will become Executive Chairman of the parent company which will own both WWE and UFC while WWE CEO Nick Khan will become President of the brand and Dana White will continue in his role as UFC President.

Speaking on his To Be The Man podcast, Ric Flair explained why he hopes the McMahon family has some say in running WWE despite the sale to Endeavoe as he lamented the decision of Turner Broadcasting buying the NWA and eventually transforming the company into WCW:

“I just firstly hope that the McMahon family has some [input], is still allowed to run to the WWE. Does that make sense? Because God forbid, we have another situation where a Turner buys the NWA. Does that make sense? That turned into the worst case scenario ever.”

WCW was sold for a fraction of what had been worth in previous years to WWE in 2001 as Turner withdrew television time from them leaving other bidders no choice but to pull out of the deal.

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