Vince McMahon Addresses If He’ll Wrestle Again In WWE

Vince McMahon celebrating WWE WrestleMania

Vince McMahon stunned the world several times in 2022 and 2023 but one of the biggest shocks was seeing the septuagenarian compete at WrestleMania 38 but could McMahon step between the ropes once again?

One day after WrestleMania 39, it was announced that WWE had signed a deal to be taken over by Endeavor who will merge the sports entertainment behemoth into a new company alongside UFC. The $21 billion deal will see McMahon become Executive Chairman of that parent company and following Raw in Los Angeles, it looks like he is “firmly back in charge” of the creative side of WWE.

In 2022, Vince McMahon accompanied Austin Theory to ringside for his match with Pat McAfee on the grandest stage of them all. McAfee picked up the win but the night was far from over. McMahon and McAfee engaged in a back-and-forth and in a bizarre turn of events McMahon competed in a match against the SmackDown announcer, picking up the win thanks to Theory.

Stone Cold Steve Austin was on hand to cut any celebrations short however and he hit McMahon with one last Stunner after all these years, which was easily the worst one ever seen.

Speaking on CNBC following the Endeavor deal, Vince McMahon was asked if he’d ever compete in the ring again. While Endeavor CEO Ari Emanuel left that open-ended saying it was up to McMahon, the 77-year-old seemed more certain as he added “That’s not going to happen.”

Since it emerged that Vince McMahon was once again in charge of creative in WWE, morale in the company is believed to have suffered a hit with some stars considering their future.