Ric Flair Fires Former WCW Commentator Mark Madden From Podcast

Ric Flair Woos to the crowd

Former WCW announcer Mark Madden and Ric Flair have gotten into a heated dispute on social media after Madden left The Nature Boy’s podcast.

When Mark Madden announced that he would be leaving Ric Flair’s Wooooo Nation Uncensored podcast, he claimed that he had taken the decision to leave, however, it wasn’t long before Flair fired back.

Mark Madden initially Tweeted on the decision.

I am leaving the @FlairUncensored podcast effective immediately. It’s not a good fit for me, especially scheduling the prep &taping during my jam-packed work week. Thx to @RicFlairNatrBoy & @PodHeat for the opportunity &for understanding.

Flair then took to social media himself, saying that he had in fact fired Madden rather than the former announcer deciding to leave.

Love & Appreciate You @MarkMaddenX, But Actually, I Relieved You Of Your Duties! Best Of Luck With Your Work! I’ll Be Back & Better Than Ever Next Monday! Going Home To My Son In Law @HeyHeyItsConrad!

Things soon got more intense as Madden fired back, claiming that The Nature Boy hadn’t had the bottle to tell him the truth and had left it to Flair’s his son-in-law Conrad Thompson to do so.

Ok. That’s true. And now, soon, I can tell the whole real story. Like how we lost the deal with Podcast One. Love& appreciate you, too, but hey…as long as we’re telling the truth. Truth is always good, right? Watch this space.

And BTW, you didn’t have the balls to tell me you were firing me. You said the podcast was cancelled, period. Your son-in-law had to tell me the truth. Why couldn’t you just let it go? Why couldn’t you just be a friend after 35 years?

Ric Flair then took another jibe at Madden for also being cancelled from Pat McAfee’s podcast.

Mark, It’s So Sad. You’ve Been Telling Everyone For 30 Years That I’m The Greatest Wrestler Ever. Quit Trying To Get The Rub That Made You Who You Are! Look Forward To Hearing You On The @PatMcAfeeShow, Oh Wait, Sorry, He Cancelled You Too! Just Be Happy & Enjoy Life!

At this point Madden went, even more, personal, bringing up Flair’s drinking habits and how it was “sad” what he had become because of them.

Have another drink. God gave you the gift of life a few years back, &you thank him by getting ***t-faced every single night like you are right now. You are the greatest wrestler ever. What you’ve become is sad.

Have another drink. You’ll feel better.

Assuming Flair does team back up with Conrad Thompson, this would be a revival of the pair from his first iteration of Wooooo! Nation before Flair decided to leave the show.