Rhea Ripley Addresses Possible Match With Jade Cargill

Rhea Ripley Women's World Champion

Rhea Ripley is “very excited” about a potential showdown with new WWE signee Jade Cargill.

Ever since WWE announced the signing of Jade Cargill, they have put her on television shows in backstage segments and treated it like a big deal. Cargill was an undefeated TBS Champion in AEW, who chose to turn down AEW’s offer of a new contract to join WWE because that’s where she wanted to be.

While WWE has yet to announce what brand Cargill will be on, there have been reports that she might be headed to Raw. If that’s the case, then she might be staring right at the Women’s World Champion Rhea Ripley, who is one of the biggest stars on Raw.

It has been a breakout year for Rhea Ripley as the winner of the Women’s Royal Rumble back in January. She followed that up with a big win at WrestleMania 39 when she took the Smackdown Women’s Title from Charlotte Flair in an amazing match. Soon after that, WWE changed that title to the Women’s World Title. Ripley has been the dominant champion for over six months.

In an interview with Sporting News Australia, Ripley explained why she’s excited about Jade Cargill joining WWE.

“I’m very excited to see what she brings to WWE. I really am. Like you said, she’s a big name and a lot of people are watching and waiting for her debut. We don’t know which brand she’s gonna be on yet. It could be Raw. It could be SmackDown. It could be NXT. No one really knows exactly what’s going on.”

“If it is Raw, I mean, that’s my show. Mami runs Raw. The Judgment Day, we run Raw. If Jade wants to come to my brand, then I would love to step in the ring with her and show her exactly why Mami’s always on top. Because I have watched bits and pieces of her from her time in the other brand, in the other company, and she is fantastic and she believes in herself and she is a star. She believes she’s a star, which is always the most dangerous thing. When someone believes in themselves, they are very hard to stop.”

“I’m also Mami. I’m waiting for that day that I do get to step in the ring with her. I think it’s gonna be a very exciting match and just to have someone that’s so physically impressive across the ring from me, it excites me. I love a good challenge and I’m waiting for that day.”

While Rhea Ripley anticipates a future match with Jade Cargill, Mami has a more immediate match in her future.

Rhea Ripley will be in action this Monday on WWE Raw

The Judgment Day runs Raw, at least in their opinion, and lately, it looks as though Ripley has emerged as something of a leader in that group that doesn’t officially have a leader.

Over the last month, Ripley has had to deal with multiple challengers including Raquel Rodriguez, Nia Jax and Shayna Baszler. This coming Monday on Raw, Ripley faces Shayna Baszler in a non-title match.

That match will allow Ripley an opportunity to show her dominance yet again or perhaps Baszler will make a statement that she deserves the next title shot.

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