Rhea Ripley Names Two Former Women’s Champions She Wants To Wrestle

Rhea Ripley WWE

Rhea Ripley has two women in mind as far as picking dream opponents because she hasn’t faced either of them yet and she would love to see it happen.

During her WWE career, Rhea Ripley has already accomplished a lot as a 26-year-old that has a very bright future.

Ripley started her WWE journey as the inaugural NXT UK Women’s Champion and then when she came to the US, she became the NXT Women’s Champion as well. During her time on the Raw roster, Ripley was a Raw Women’s Champion for 97 days in 2021. Ripley also held the Women’s Tag Team Titles with Nikki A.S.H. (Cross) as well.

In May 2022, Ripley joined The Judgment Day group which was led by Edge at the time. Shortly after that, Ripley turned on Edge along with her allies Finn Balor and Damian Priest. The group has since added Dominik Mysterio, who turned on his legendary father Rey Mysterio to be a part of The Judgment Day.

As a member of The Judgment Day, Ripley often finds herself interfering in matches to help her team win. However, she still has a lot of goals as a singles wrestler as well.

This past Monday on the November 7th episode of Raw, Ripley had a staredown backstage with the Raw Women’s Champion Bianca Belair, which could be a tease that a rivalry is coming between the two talented superstars.

In an interview with USA Insider, Ripley named two women that she hasn’t faced in a singles match by first singling out the Damage CTRL leader.

“I’d love to step in the ring with Bayley, I haven’t had the chance to do that yet.”

Another woman is somebody that Rhea Ripley laid out recently with a Conchairto chair shot. She’s already a Hall of Famer too.

“I’m always going to say her name because I want this match so bad. But me and Beth Phoenix, I’ve always wanted to wrestle her. It’s been a dream match of mine ever since I was a child. We would go out there and absolutely obliterate each other — it would be fantastic.”

Even though Beth Phoenix retired over a decade ago, she does compete in the ring occasionally and since Ripley laid her out on Raw, there should be payback coming, which should lead to a match at some point.

Elsewhere in the interview with Ripley, the talented Australian made it clear she wants her title back in reference to the Raw Women’s Title.