Rey Mysterio Questions Wife Over Dominik’s Link To Eddie Guerrero

Rey Mysterio Eddie Guerrero

Rey Mysterio sees a lot of similarities between Eddie Guerrero and Dominik Mysterio, which led Rey to make an interesting remark about that connection.

The late, great WWE Hall of Famer Eddie Guerrero passed away in November 2005, which was the same year that he had a lengthy rivalry with Rey Mysterio. There was a long history between Eddie and Rey as rivals, best friends, and also WWE Tag Team Champions as well.

During that 2005 storyline, there was an angle that took place where the heel Guerrero claimed that he was the biological father of Rey’s son Dominik, who was just a young boy at the time. While Rey admitted it was true (in the storyline), he fought for his son and Rey beat Eddie in a SummerSlam 2005 Ladder Match for the custody of Dominik.

It became a very personal storyline that also involved Rey’s wife Angie and Eddie’s wife Vickie, who were on hand for the SummerSlam match as well.

In present-day WWE, Dominik has been against his father Rey for nearly two years, which led to memorable moments and matches between them including WrestleMania 39 when Rey beat Dominik in their first singles match.

Rey Mysterio spoke to Shakiel Mahjouri of CBS Sports about the similarities between his son Dominik and his late best friend Eddie while also joking about a comment he made to his wife since Dominik’s mannerisms in pro wrestling seem to resemble Eddie so much.

“I have to say this and my wife is going to kill me, but I’ve told her several times, ‘Did you cheat on me with Eddie? Because Dom — I don’t know.’ And she says, ‘Yeah, and I never told me!’ I yell, ‘No!’ I truly believe that Eddie is getting a kick out of this and, to a certain degree, Eddie has been in Dominik’s corner from the beginning.”

“It’s very special and it’s very sentimental to see my son’s growth and to see every now and then a little Eddie-ish in his character and his development and the way he carries himself. To a large degree, there is a lot of pride when I see him and it reminds me so much of moments that I lived with Eddie myself watching him work.”

“There is no comparison in the work, I’m just talking about little things that he does that is so Eddie-ish. It can be as simple as the mullet. Sometimes when I see pictures of them, it’s just scary.”

Who Does Rey Mysterio Want To Face In A WWE Retirement Match?

Elsewhere in the same interview, Rey Mysterio made it clear that he would love to have his son Dominik Mysterio be the one to end Rey’s career when he’s ready to retire.

The 49-year-old WWE Hall of Famer Rey signed a three-year WWE deal in late 2023, so it will be a few years until that retirement match takes place.

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