Rey Mysterio Reveals His Perfect Scenario For WWE Retirement

Rey Mysterio WWE HOF

Rey Mysterio has some ideas of what he would want to do when it comes to his retirement from the WWE ring.

As a professional wrestler for over 30 years, Rey Mysterio knows that he is near the end of his career. The WWE Hall of Famer first appeared in WWE in 2002 and aside from a few years away from the company, he’ll always be remembered as one of the greatest WWE legends of all time.

This December, the LWO leader will turn 50 years old and he plans to continue wrestling for at least a few more years since he signed a new WWE contract in late 2023 that was believed to be a three-year deal.

While Rey Mysterio is doing his best to lead the LWO on the WWE Raw brand these days, he also has a good idea of what he might do when it comes to a retirement match. When it comes to that, he thinks his turncoat son Dominik would be the right wrestler to be a part of it. While talking to CBS Sports, Rey mentioned a scenario involving Dominik and Rey’s legendary mask.

“Obviously, the perfect scenario is that Dom would be the right person. And not necessarily to retire me but put what matters most to be on the line and that’s my mask. It’s something I’d be willing to do.”

“If I had to pick another opponent, I truly believe that because we tapped into our roots, Santos Escobar is someone I would most definitely like to face.”

Does Rey Mysterio Have A Plan After Wrestling Retirement?

The discussion continued with Rey explaining that when he does retire, he’ll do his best to be there for his wife and family.

“I think the only factor would be – and I said this at my Hall of Fame speech – repaying my wife for all those years that she had to sit at home on her own and look out for the kids.”

“Take them to school, take them to football practice and cheerleading. To make up for all that lost time which you can’t get back. The only thing you can do is repay with extra time.”

Rey Mysterio headlined WWE Raw on June 3rd when he lost to World Heavyweight Champion Damian Priest. The finish of the match saw Rey leap onto Priest’s Judgment Day buddies Finn Balor & JD McDonagh at ringside. This allowed Priest to recover and hit a South of Heaven slam for the big win.

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