Rey Mysterio Recalls Painful WWE Bump After Thinking It Wouldn’t Hurt

Rey Mysterio WWE

Rey Mysterio has recalled a painful moment in his WWE career that happened while he was strapped to a stretcher.

Throughout his legendary wrestling career, Rey Mysterio has been known for his toughness and ability to come back from beatings in matches to find a way to pick up a big victory. It’s what has made him a former WWE Champion who ended up in the WWE Hall of Fame as an active wrestler.

Despite taking all those beatings over his 30+ years as a pro wrestler, Rey Mysterio is still performing at a high level on the WWE Raw brand as the leader of the LWO group.

One of the biggest beatings that Rey suffered early in his WWE run was at Backlash 2003 when he faced the Big Show in a singles match. That match saw Big Show dominate Mysterio by winning with a Chokeslam in a match that went under four minutes.

After the match, Mysterio was put on a stretcher. While Rey was strapped onto the stretcher, Big Show went back to ringside, picked up Mysterio, and slammed him stretcher-first into the steel ring post. When Mysterio landed, his head hit the floor hard and Rey could be seen grabbing his head immediately.

In an interview with Shakiel Mahjouri of CBS Sports, Rey Mysterio spoke about the planning of that spot and how they forgot about a certain aspect of the spot that led to the painful bump on the floor.

“I remember we had gone over it and that was the plan. When I was strapped onto the stretcher, everything seemed cool. I said ‘How much can it hurt? The stretcher is hitting first and I’m attached to it, so I won’t feel it.’ Well, we never thought about what happens when you hit. Because of the weight, there was no way Big Show could hit the pole and hold onto me.”

“So that whole weight and the momentum, as soon as we hit, I went straight down. As I was strapped onto the stretcher, my head went ‘boop’ and I hit first. That hurt. That in itself hurt very much.”

Rey Mysterio Loses WWE Raw Main Event Match Against Damian Priest

On WWE Raw in Hershey, PA, Rey Mysterio found himself in the main event against the World Heavyweight Champion Damian Priest. The match was even most of the way until Rey felt the need to hit a corkscrew plancha onto Priest’s friends Finn Balor & JD McDonagh on the floor due to the chaos they were causing. This allowed Priest to recover in the ring and hit a South of Heaven Chokeslam on the LWO leader to give Priest the big win.

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