Rey Mysterio Suggests Unique Stipulation Match Against Dominik

Rey Mysterio Dominik Mysterio

Rey Mysterio is willing to go to the greatest lengths to end his feud with his son Dominik, including a stipulation that’s rarely seen in WWE.

Rey and Dominik have only had one match against one another so far, but judging by WWE’s creative direction it looks like the father and son will face off at least once more.

And if Rey gets his way, he’ll be able to bring a crucial piece of his lucha libre culture to WWE: the luchas de apuestas, or ‘wager match’.

Speaking on Logan Paul’s Impaulsive podcast, Rey Mysterio proposed wagering his sacred lucha mask against something precious of Dominik’s.

“Maybe I put my mask on the line against his hair, which is some lucha culture. If I lose that, I take my mask off. If he loses, he shaves his hair off. That might be interesting.”

Wager matches are sacred in lucha libre because they signify the death of a luchador character. If a luchador loses their mask, that wrestler can never wear that mask again or wrestle under that wrestling name/gimmick ever again.

In Mysterio’s case, his unmasking in WCW caused some controversy with lucha libre purists. After losing a luchas de apuestas in WCW, Rey Mysterio continued his career unmasked, but then re-donned the mask upon signing with WWE.

But before he could wear the mask again, Rey had to go to the lucha governing bodies in Mexico and argued that the WCW match in which he lost his mask wasn’t an official sanctioned luchas de apuestas and so it didn’t count.

Thanks to this technicality, Rey Mysterio was able to regain the rights to wear his mask, which he has worn ever since.

h/t Fightful for the transcription