Rey Mysterio Talks Eddie Guerrero Tribute At WrestleMania 39

rey mysterio wrestlemania entrance snoop car

Entering into a match for the first time as a WWE Hall of Famer, Rey Mysterio has opened up about his emotions, and the importance of paying tribute to Eddie Guerrero.

Facing off against his son, Dominik, WrestleMania 39 gave Rey Mysterio the opportunity to include a tribute to the Latino Heat legend, the late, great Eddie Guerrero.

Rey Mysterio arrived in a low-rider with Snoop Dogg, with Guerrero’s theme music playing.

Guerrero and Mysterio were close friends outside of the ring, and had worked together on a long term feud which aimed to question if Dominik was actually Eddie’s son.

With Dominik as his opponent, and after being inducted into the Hall of Fame less than 24 hours before, Mysterio was understandably emotional as he ensured to include Guerrero into his entrance.

Eddie Guerrero passed away in 2005, at the age of 38, leading to an outpouring of emotions from the locker room and fans.

Mysterio described the importance of the tribute whilst answering questions at the WrestleMania 39 night one press conference.

“You can only imagine [what it meant to me] I already had mixed emotions from the Hall of Fame the night before, and the rebirth of the LWO [during this week’s SmackDown on FOX.] Knowing that I had to fight my son, knowing that my wife and daughter were there, a lot of family members. And on top of that [was the Guerrero tribute.]

“To be able to ride with Snoop was legendary. ‘Nothin’ but a G’ is something I heard when I was a kid. When I was growing up, everybody heard that song. And then to mix it into Viva La Raza, the representation of the representor, the fullest representor of Hispanics: Eddie Guerrero. It’s incredible. I walked into that match very emotional, and a lot of my work tonight was in honor of Eddie Guerrero.”

Mysterio shared insight on his mask design, and also spoke on ensuring he continued to represent Hispanic communities and with Bad Bunny at ringside, it allowed for another Mania moment as the musician stopped Dominik from using a weapon in the match.

With WrestleMania Backlash taking place in Puerto Rico, the father v son Mysterio feud could be set to continue with Bad Bunny and Damian Priest involved.

“Very important. Since day one, when I was given an opportunity to be part of WWE, I was representing Lucha Libre. Hispanics. Lucha Libre is part of our culture. And to be able to have Bad Bunny and Damian Priest, even though we’re rivals [is important.] and now, with the rebirth of the LWO, this is incredible. It’s opening up doors for more Hispanics.”

Triple H has big plans for Dominik Mysterio, after seeing the young talent become a leading heel in WWE.

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