Huge Returns In WWE Women’s Royal Rumble Match

2023 WWE Royal Rumble poster

The Royal Rumble is a night full of surprises and that proved to be the case in the women’s Rumble match with two stars returning to WWE.

The latest stars to return to WWE after being released under Vince McMahon’s management revealed themselves in the women’s Royal Rumble as Chelsea Green and former Raw Women’s Champion Nia Jax returned to a WWE ring – but neither lasted very long.

Chelsea Green was the first to make her highly-anticipated return after news emerged that she had signed a deal with WWE several weeks ago. Green made her entrance into the Rumble match at number 20 and lasted a grand total of four seconds in the match before being eliminated by Rhea Ripley.

As the match reached its apex, the crowd in San Antonio was stunned when the number 30 entrant proved to be Nia Jax, who was originally released from the company in November 2021.

Jax wasn’t long for the match either as Ripley dropped her with the Rip Tide before all eleven other competitors helped to eliminate her from the match.

While Green is believed to have signed a deal with WWE, it is not yet known if Nia Jax will be back on a regular basis in WWE or if her appearance was a one-night deal for the Rumble.

Rhea Ripley was the eventual winner of the women’s Rumble match and The Judgment Day star has booked her place at WrestleMania 39.