Relief & Happiness In WWE After Vince McMahon Quits

Vince McMahon WWE

Vince McMahon is gone from WWE and TKO and this time it looks like there is no way back as he faces the biggest battle of his life.

Vince McMahon has quit his role as TKO Executive Chairman in the wake of sickening allegations made in a new lawsuit filed by a former WWE employee.

Janel Grant has accused McMahon of sexual assault and sex trafficking in the suit which also contains horrifying text messages alleged to have come from the former WWE boss.

It was the revelation of “hush money” payments made to Grant in 2022 that led to McMahon’s retirement from WWE. However, as the story seemed to die down following a WWE-led investigation, he used his position as majority shareholder to force his way back into power. Now WWE is owned by Endeavor through the TKO Group, there is no mechanism for McMahon to repeat that trick, meaning his involvement with the company he led for forty years is done.

Relief In WWE Over Vince McMahon’s Exit

PWInsider has now reported how those in WWE have reacted to McMahon’s departure with the general feeling said to be a mix of relief and happiness. It is noted some feel McMahon had it coming based on the allegations made against him. It should be noted that Vince McMahon has called the lawsuit “replete with lies” and looks set to fight it.

There was also said to be a feeling that when Slim Jim paused their WWE sponsorship as a result of the lawsuit then it was just a matter of time before something had to be done although McMahon’s resignation happened a lot sooner than many expected. Slim Jim’s sponsorship deal with WWE was signed in August 2023 and was said to be the biggest in company history.

One WWE source referred to McMahon as a “black cloud hanging over everything even though he wasn’t involved in anything” and they are glad he is now officially out of the company.

Some are said to be hoping this could pave the way for a return of Stephanie McMahon but with Endeavor now running the show, it is unknown how likely that could be. An ex-WWE star demanded the company “clean house” to weed out anyone that may have known about McMahon’s alleged behaviour and there is a belief that Endeavor might well do that to achieve a fresh start.

Some employees who returned when Vince McMahon returned to power in early 2023 might be feeling the heat as the feeling from some in WWE as any connection to McMahon could be seen as a major negative by Endeavor moving forward.

Stephanie McMahon became Chairwoman during Vince McMahon’s abandoned retirement but the entire Board of Directors at that time are under scrutiny over the investigation into McMahon then with many wondering who really knew what of his alleged conduct.