Reby Hardy Makes Her Feelings About CM Punk Crystal Clear

CM Punk

CM Punk has fewer and fewer supporters in AEW.

Following the All Out fallout, AEW’s locker room appears to be overwhelmingly behind The Elite. Punk’s supporters seem few and far between, especially now that The Elite are returning and reports continue to suggest that Punk wants out of AEW and possibly wrestling itself.

One of The Elite’s bigger supporters is Matt Hardy, who commented recently that he believes that the trio was completely innocent in the whole fiasco.

Initially, Matt claimed that he witnessed the fight and saw what happened, but then clarified that he didn’t see the scuffle, only the gradual rise in tension between The Elite and CM Punk.

However, his wife Reby Hardy didn’t write anything ambiguous, wishy-washy, or that could otherwise be misconstrued in any way. Reby posted her thoughts loud and clear on Twitter, clearly showing what side she’s on.

While quote tweeting her husband, Reby wrote that her comments were not taken out of context:

“Mine weren’t. F**k CM Punk.”

But despite CM Punk having fewer friends in AEW’s locker room, his status with the company remains unclear. The contract buy-out talks have stalled and he’s also believed to have ‘caught the wrestling bug’ despite his injury.

Furthermore, despite some people within Triple H’s inner circle being opposed to Punk returning to WWE, there are still enough people within wrestling and among its fandom that believe that he could still return there.