Influential Figure In WWE Says “No” To CM Punk Return

CM Punk

According to a new report an unnamed individual within Triple H’s inner circle doesn’t want AEW star CM Punk back in WWE.

Following the All Out Fallout, there hasn’t been anything definitive on CM Punk’s future. The closest thing to truth anyone has at this time is a report that Punk and AEW are trying to negotiate a contract buy-out so that Punk would be completely disconnected from AEW going forward.

If CM Punk does leave AEW for good, then his most likely destination – according to many fans and commentators – would be WWE. And while Triple H might be more willing to do business with Punk than Vince McMahon was, those around him with influence are not.

On a recent PWTorch audio show, Wade Keller noted that he spoke to several different people on this matter. Those people elaborated on what people in AEW think of CM Punk’s run, and those same negative sentiments have made their way to the top of WWE’s corporate ladder.

“Somebody who’s currently in WWE, and is within the sphere of influence of Paul Levesque’s decision making would be a hard ‘No’ as of me asking this person today. A hard ‘No’ on endorsing the return of CM Punk, even if it would help business. I won’t go into exactly what was said. But when I asked, I got a long paragraph of one sentence after another of negative comments about how they feel about Punk now, compared to 8, 9, 10 years ago, based on what’s happened in AEW, in the last 13 months.”

Keller went on to say that CM Punk has lost a lot of support in AEW’s locker room as well. He asked those same AEW people what would happen if the AEW locker room voted on whether Punk should be allowed back. The results varied but the general consensus was that the majority of wrestlers wouldn’t support Punk’s return.

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