The Reason For Seth Rollins WrestleMania Shield Throwback Explained

Seth Rollins

Cody Rhodes finally put the ghost of WrestleMania 39 to rest in Philadelphia as he defeated Roman Reigns to win the WWE Championship and he has Seth Rollins to thank most of all.

Cody Rhodes defeated Roman Reigns for the WWE Title in a wild WrestleMania main event that will go down as one of the best in history.

It was Bloodline Rules after The Rock & Roman Reigns defeated Seth Rollins & Cody Rhodes on night one of WrestleMania but Rhodes had friends in high places to help him overcome the disadvantage.

After a hard-fought back-and-forth match, eventually, the rules really came into play with Jimmy Uso getting involved. That brought out Jey Uso who speared his brother off the stage through a table to take him out completely.

Solo Sikoa was next to help his Tribal Chief but even a Samoan Spike/Spear combination wasn’t enough to put Rhodes away and John Cena was next out to clear Sikoa from the ring but that brought out The Rock. The Rock and Cena had an epic staredown before a Rock Bottom took Cena out.

To everyone’s surprise, The Shield’s music then hit with Seth Rollins coming to the ring in his old Shield gear looking to take out The Rock but he was stopped in his tracks by Roman Reigns. The Undertaker then made a shock appearance to chokeslam The Rock and when the lights came back on after his exit, only Rhodes, Reigns, and Rollins remained in the ring.

A steel chair lay at the hands of Roman Reigns and instead of taking out his challenger, he drove the chair into the back of Rollins in a mirror image of what Rollins did to him ten years ago.

Seth Rollins Proved Critical In Cody Rhodes’ Win

Speaking on Wrestling Observer Radio, Bryan Alvarez explained why despite all the interference, it was Seth Rollins’ blast from the past may have been crucial in helping Rhodes win:

Seth Rollins ran in first to take out The Rock and they hit The Shield music. He came out in a flak jacket, the old Shield outfit and he gets killed by The Rock and The Undertaker shows up. The Undertaker shows up, chokeslams The Rock and the lights go out.

The reason Seth came out in The Shield gear is when the lights come back on, Roman is there, he’s kind of recovering, Cody is dead and Seth is dead and in the middle of the ring, there’s a chair. There’s nobody else around, Roman grabs the chair and all he has to do is kill Cody with this chair and beat him and that’s the end of Cody but he saw Seth in the flak jacket and he had a flashback to 12 years ago (Rollins turned in 2014 which makes it 10) when Rollins turned on him and destroyed The Shield and he cannot help himself.

He ignores Cody and beats the hell out of Seth Rollins. This gives time for Cody to begin recovering, Roman goes for the Spear but Cody’s up and kicks Roman Reigns. He hits one Cross Rhodes, he hits another Cross Rhodes, he hits a third Cross Rhodes and he pins him.

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