Real Reason Sami Zayn Is Off WWE TV Revealed

Sami Zayn WWE Raw

Fans of Sami Zayn will be missing the star for a while as his hiatus from WWE was confirmed on Monday Night Raw.

Sami Zayn last appeared on Raw on the 4th of December when he was defeated by Drew McIntyre. Drew McIntyre is going to challenge Seth Rollins for the World Heavyweight Championship in the new year but the immediate future for Zayn appears to be very different.

On Raw in Cleveland, Ohio Jey Uso noted that Drew McIntyre had “taken out” Sami Zayn ahead of Uso’s match with the former WWE Champion. Michael Cole noted during that bout that Zayn was injured and that he suffered a “partially torn meniscus” with no timeframe given for his return.

Why Is Sami Zayn Really Missing WWE Shows?

The reality of the situation seems to be better for fans of Sami Zayn as Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer noted that Zayn has requested time off and had been granted it by WWE.

It is still unknown how long Zayn will be absent but the star is advertised by Place Bell for a WWE live show in his home province of Quebec on December 28. Whether that appearance happens remains to be seen.