Real Reason Matt Riddle Missed WWE Raw

Matt Riddle in the ring in WWE

Matt Riddle missed WWE Raw but not for the reason people might think.

Matt Riddle recently turned heads with a now-deleted Instagram post claiming he had been sexually assaulted by a police officer at the JFK airport. Riddle’s post read as follows:

“Nothing like being sexually assaulted by an officer and harassed at the jfk airport, no means no and just because I’m nice doesn’t mean yes!!! A*shole!!! Don’t know they’re Twitter or instagram handles but I took pictures, normally I’m like whatever but today was really weird and uncomfortable and they made a point to make me feel small and useless. Definitely one of the most uncomfortable travel days I’ve ever had thanks NYC you’re so progressive and accepting!”

TMZ shed more light on the situation, revealing that the Port Authority police department had received a call about a disorderly person deplaning at the airport. The disorderly person in question is alleged to be Riddle.

According to TMZ, officers spoke with Riddle and other witnesses in the area, and Riddle seemed apologetic at the time. Therefore, his post alleging sexual assault came as a surprise to the police department. Port Authority police have launched an internal investigation into the incident, saying they take such claims very seriously.

PWInsider reported that Riddle is not present in Norfolk, VA for the September 11th edition of Monday Night Raw. In addition, he is not expected to work the live events in Idaho and Washington over the weekend despite being previously booked for the events. But that might have nothing to do with the airport incident.

Why did Matt Riddle miss WWE Raw?

Speaking on Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer noted that Riddle missed Monday Night Raw due to illness:

“He was not on the show this week, but that’s because he had a double ear infection and bronchitis. It was not punishment as far as I know. He may have been punished also, but as far as I know, it’s an illness.”

In Matt Riddle’s absence, his recent tag team partner Drew McIntyre took on Xavier Woods after the two men clashed backstage over McIntyre’s shot at Kofi Kingston the previous week.

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