Backstage News On Reaction To CM Punk Getting Fired By AEW

CM Punk making his entrance at AEW All In

There is some information about how some people within AEW are reacting to the news of CM Punk getting fired.

While that AEW roster prepares for tonight’s 13-match All Out pay-per-view event from Chicago, the name of CM Punk continues to dominate the headlines.

On Saturday afternoon, All Elite Wrestling’s CEO & General Manager Tony Khan announced that Punk was released due to his backstage fight with Jack Perry at AEW All In last Sunday as well as other incidents. Khan went so far as to say he was in fear for his life because of whatever happened with Punk.

An update has been provided by Fightful Select’s Sean Ross Sapp noting that they did not know if there is a non-compete attached, or a severance or severance period as part of the agreement to fire CM Punk.

It was noted by Fightful that Punk still has “major heat with numerous top names in WWE” and Punk was backstage at a WWE show earlier this year, but he was told to leave by the company perhaps because he was under AEW contract. It’s not known if Punk would be interested in going to WWE or if they would want him.

Fightful noted that several people close to Punk didn’t know that AEW would fire him on Saturday. An investigation took place during the week leading to AEW’s “disciplinary committee” meeting to come up with a decision.

When Tony Khan released a statement about firing CM Punk, Khan made it clear that it was his decision to fire Punk after talking about it with his committee.

CM Punk Expressed Unhappiness Numerous Times Prior To AEW Release

As the Fightful report continued, they noted that Punk had expressed unhappiness verbally numerous times while saying things like “I hate this place” to people in the company.

The plan for AEW All Out was to have Punk wrestle Ricky Starks in the main event in a Strap Match. With Punk out of the picture, AEW replaced him with a returning Bryan Danielson. The Danielson-Starks match was set up on AEW Collision last night.

At AEW Collision last night in Chicago, security guards were removing CM Punk signs. It’s possible that will continue tonight at the AEW All Out pay-per-view as well.

While some pro wrestling fans might think this whole thing is a storyline or a work, Fightful claims that numerous AEW sources they’ve spoken to claim it isn’t a work.

As it stands now, CM Punk’s last AEW match was at All In at Wembley Stadium last Sunday. In the opening match on the main show, CM Punk successfully defended his “Real AEW World Title” against his longtime rival Samoa Joe. When, or if, Punk wrestles again is unknown.