Raw Star Asks Why WWE Wouldn’t Sign CM Punk


Not everyone was thrilled to see CM Punk back in WWE but Main Event Jey Uso questions why the company would miss out on signing him.

CM Punk shocked the world when he returned to WWE at Survivor Series almost a decade after he walked out of the company. The move came less than three months after Punk was very publicly fired by AEW for his part in a backstage brawl with Jack Perry at All In.

Speaking on WWE’s The Bump, Jey Uso weighed in on the CM Punk situation and says he knows Punk has his detractors but questions why WWE wouldn’t jump at the chance to sign someone of Punk’s superstar status:

Sign CM Punk. Like, why wouldn’t we sign CM Punk? I know he got a whole bunch of haters or whatever. Hey, if we going to be honest, he’s a Superstar. First and foremost, people talk about him. And if we got anything to do with wrestling, his name is in it. He’s like on some Tribal Chief status.

He’s [a] top guy regardless of whatever’s going on. So my invitation is open, man. Bring him, like, let’s go. Let’s run it, bro. I’ll be your first one to run with. It’s all good. It’s all love. Let’s go. Let’s run it. Welcome back though, CM Punk.

CM Punk Set For Seth Rollins Feud On WWE Raw?

CM Punk looks set to be part of Monday Night Raw going forward and it is believed his first feud will be with World Heavyweight Champion Seth Rollins. Seth Rollins has previously branded CM Punk “a cancer” and had to be held back from confronting Punk at Survivor Series. Although his actions at Survivor Series are believed to be part of the current storyline.

Quite what WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns will make of Uso’s assertion that Punk is at “Tribal Chief status” remains to be seen.